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We are Your Certified Arborists in Southern California

At The The Landscape Center, we recognize trees' vital role in shaping our environment. We are dedicated to offering a comprehensive range of top-notch tree consulting services that aim to safeguard, manage, and enhance the communities we inhabit. Our team comprises highly skilled ISA Certified Arborists and Desert Native Plant Specialists committed to serving cities throughout Southern California.

As ISA Certified Arborists, We Provide the Following Services

  • Tree Risk Assessment: We assess the potential risks associated with trees, ensuring the safety of people and property.
  • Tree Preservation: We implement strategies to protect and preserve trees, ensuring their long-term health and vitality.
  • Disease Diagnosis and Recommendations: We accurately diagnose tree diseases and provide expert recommendations for treatment and prevention.
  • Tree Inventory and Mapping: We create detailed inventories and maps of trees, providing essential information for effective management.
  • Arborist Services: Our offerings include concise summaries and comprehensive analyses of existing trees, accompanied by recommendations for their ongoing care, preservation, or removal.

An Arborist Report from Us Will Include

  • Identification of tree species, size, and condition
  • Description of tree protection measures
  • Detailed and precise information about each tree, including location, condition, structural integrity, life expectancy, infestations, and disease
  • Justification for any proposed tree removals, along with the reasons behind such decisions
  • Specification of the type of tree work to be performed and the appropriate methods for protection

There are Various Situations in which You May Need an Arborist Report

  • Construction/Development: Our report will outline measures to preserve and protect trees during construction or development projects.
  • Third-Party Opinion: We can provide an unbiased assessment of proper tree care on a site, offering expert guidance for future maintenance.
  • Legal Support: Our report can assist clients in legal matters related to their responsibility for tree care on their own property or a neighboring property, establishing a solid duty of care.

Choose The Landscape Center for exceptional tree consulting services that prioritize the well-being and sustainability of our environment.

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