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Experts in tree service
and relocation in California

The Landscape Center has been relocating and preserving trees for over 30 years. We are a licensed contractor Type C-27. Our knowledgeable staff and crews can relocate any tree or palm anywhere, anytime of year. We take pride in our relocation and preservation divisions past accomplishments. We have performed these services successfully for several distinguished projects.

The Landscape Center can handle all phases of transporting, storing, and maintaining your specimen trees. If your site has the necessary room we can store them on-site while your project progresses. If your space is limited, we can transport and store them at one of our five nursery locations. Depending on which storage solution you choose, our experienced staff will establish a maintenance program specific for your tree’s needs. Under the watchful eye of our certified arborist your trees will get the required care as long as necessary. When your project is ready to receive the trees, our crews will carefully load, transport and replant your trees.

The Landscape Center’s certified arborists can:

  • Provide on-site tree consultations
  • Evaluate the overall health, value, age, etc. of your plant material.
  • Determine if they are good candidates for relocation and preservation.
  • Provide boxing and planting specifications.
  • Establish a maintenance program specific for your situation.
  • Monitor your trees progress and provide you with written progress reports.
  • Feasibility studies